Cardiovascular Disease is on the rise

In our modern world we grow ever older. Therefore we experience more late life diseases than ever. This is particularly cardiovascular disease. In USA these diseases account for 640.000 deaths every year, as the number one cause of death.

Endovascular Surgery

Conducting Surgery to resolve cardiovascular disease is becoming more and more possible, but it is extremely difficult. Surgeons manoeuvre sewing wire sized tools around the complex blood canals to find something they cannot see. Dangerous radiation  and feeling of touch are the two only things that assist the surgeon in finding and treating the diseased area.

Good, cheap and available training

Multiple studies have found a correlation between patient specific training and factors such as surgeons increased  confidence, lowered radiation dose and lowered operation time [Desender et al] [Torres et al]. We have developed a simulator that can be produced for a low cost and made available in multiple training settings. We want to train the surgeons of tomorrow and help surgeons of the future prepare for surgery.

Precise Real Anatomy

We have found a stable way to produce patient specific and precise anatomical simulators.

Low Cost

Our production only uses readily available production technologies. The low price of manufacturing and materials help us make it available.

Easy training

Our simulators are so simple to use that you can start training after one push of a button (the "on" button")

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